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Things I learnt in Brisbane

January 8, 2012

I was lucky enough to attend Brisbane International on behalf of Tennis View mag this week. It was a great learning curve, not all of it tennis related. Here are a few of the things I’m taking back with me.

Be nice, be polite, and carry on Not everyone is going to like you. Some people are going to be rude for no reason at all. But if you continue to smile and say please and thank you, you can walk away knowing you’re the bigger person. Then you can bitch about them later.

Be assertive and persist My editor gave me some good advice this week, “if you don’t keep asking, and asking, nobody will take you seriously.” The first time I ever asked for an interview with a player I was too casual. “Oh no problem, don’t worry about it, it really isn’t important anyway” is what my tone came across as. I didn’t feel I belonged, and didn’t take myself seriously enough to really believe anyone else would. This time, it was different. I still followed my rule above, but I asked three times in the space of 24 hours. I got my interview.

There are difficult people in every job I work in healthcare. I work for magazines. I’ve worked in a dvd store, I’ve worked on a berry farm, and I’ve worked for my dad. In every job, without exception, I’ve come across assholes. It won’t change and I’m learning not to take it personally.

I’m really young At 24 years old, I was one of the youngest in the media room, if not the youngest. I was also one of the only females. It has advantages and disadvantages. I don’t have the wrinkles of wisdom of Neil Harman, nor the respect a deep voice guarantees you. But I’ve got energy, passion, and time. Those other things will come (hopefully not the deep voice).

There needs to be an overhaul of food at sporting event I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Too many chips, pies, sausage rolls, icecreams, soft drinks. Not enough healthy alternatives. Sushi rolls at $4.50 a pop isn’t reasonable. Water is overpriced. This country has a serious obesity problem and sporting events need to take a healthier approach.

Take every opportunity given You may not get another. It sounds cliche, but so often I’ve talked myself out of stuff I’m afraid of, thinking it will come around on a day I’m better prepared. It is something I’m working on and although I’m sure I haven’t mastered it, I know I’m getting better.

I can’t wait to do it all again Thank you to the staff at Brisbane International for putting on such a great show. Thanks too for those supporting and reassuring me on Twitter. You’re all stars.

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