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475 down, 10 to go…

November 5, 2011

Del Potro’s tennis career came to an abrupt halt in 2010, leaving his fans concerned, anxious, and heartbroken. It is well documented that before a wrist injury shattered his momentum, del Potro had been poised to make a serious run for number one. First Grand Slam title? Tick. A leap into the top four? Tick. A game that just kept improving tournament to tournament? Absolutely. His injury was devastating.

As he returned to the tour in 2011, I wondered what to expect. I used to imagine what I’d wish for him if a genie granted me such an opportunity. How about…
– At least one title
– Decent appearances at Grand Slams
– An impressive return to the top ten (surely a wish since his ranking was 485 at the time)
– No more serious wrist pain

As it turns out, the genie never appeared. But I got wish my wish all the same.

Congratulations, Juan Martin del Potro, on your return to the top ten.

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