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The Best Of 2010… With A Twist

December 8, 2010

Best dressed

Roger Federer: His ranking may have given way to the almost unstoppable Rafael Nadal in 2010, but Roger Federer remained the best dressed on the court. Federer proved that you can win big in pink and still look threatening whilst wearing lilac. He kept it classic at the big events with blue and red, proving that Federer’s polo shirts and fuss-free shorts are still a winning combination.

Jelena Jankovic: Whilst she struggled with her tennis this year, Jankovic’s dress sense went from strength to strength. With dreamy frocks that conjured images of summer beaches and cocktail parties, the Serbian kept it classy with block colours. Her Wimbledon dress, which tucked in all the right places, was a stand-out amongst many beautiful outfits.

Serbia's Jelena Jankovic waves to the crowd following her match against Ukraine's Alona Bondarenko at the All England Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon, Friday, June 25, 2010.

Best twitter

Dmitry Tursunov: He’s done it again. The blogger that captured our hearts in 2006/07 created a twitter account on August 1st and 850 tweets latter he has us eating out of his palm. With a lack of self-promotion, Tursunov’s twitter is dedicated to the simple things in life; complaining about actors – ‘I wish there was a mute button for individual characters in the movie’, moaning about airports, letting us know what fruit he’s after (watermelon), and poo haiku poetry. He’s not afraid to interact with his fans, ranging from disagreements to what can only be interpreted as flirtation – ‘I had white shirt and poured water all over myself… just to get your attention’. He tweets occasionally about tennis, and describes himself as a ‘hacker’ who resides in ‘chokesville’. He’s a must-follow and an absolute joy in the world of twitter… not to mention pretty cute.

Andrea Petkovic: She’s the female Tursunov, with more flamboyant and dramatic hobbies. Petkovic creates strange, one-woman comedy videos, is always up for a dance-off challenge, and loves to tweet her fans back. It’s a lovely change from tweets that sound as manufactured as the rackets they carry, (shame, Jelena Jankovic) and players that barely ever tweet their fans. If you only have room on your timeline for a few tennis players, make sure Petkovic is there.

Since Twitter captured me back, didn't want to hold this one back from you guys. @TursunovTales Still dance off?
Since Twitter captured me back, didn’t want to hold this one back from you guys. @TursunovTales Still dance off?

Quote of the year

Novak Djokovic is the constant entertainer in the world of tennis. He’s the one that you show people who are new to the game to try to grab their attention. Tennis fans are used to his impersonations, hand gestures, and hilarious interviews filled with self-deprecating humour, but when Djokovic overcame Viktor Troicki in five sets in the first round of the US Open, his description of how it felt shocked us all. It may be a generic question, but his answer was completely original.

β€œIt was like sleeping with my girlfriend, it was that kind of feeling.”

If only we could have seen Jelena Ristic’s face

Best tantrum

Many players have come close to emulating the famous hissy fits of John McEnroe over the past years. Andy Roddick has done his best in 2010, but came off more as an arrogant jerk than sassy rebel. So it was no surprise when McEnroe himself decided to stand up all his imitators in Sydney with tantrums of his own. In his loss to Pat Rafter in the Seniors Sydney Final, McEnroe hurtled abuse at the umpire and chucked his racket across the court several times in a display that got the crowd involved and had Rafter smiling to himself. He was gracious in defeat, but still managed to remind the Sydney crowd why he’s more known for his tantrums than his tennis.

Best Youtube performance

For non-Nadal fans, the highlight of Roland Garros was certainly the karaoke created by Djokovic and Troicki. Taking his impersonations to a whole new level, Djokovic shook his hips as Shakiri in a performance that mocked the music video Shakira and Rafael Nadal had starred in earlier in the year. With Troicki as a topless Nadal, Djokovic donned a blonde wig and shook what he had for the cameras. The best part was possibly when the two men doubled over in laughter, clearly having just as much fun as we did watching it.


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  1. breadstix permalink
    December 28, 2010 3:59 pm

    I’d completely forgotten about the Gypsy parody! Much awesomeness. I remember when they played ‘Gypsy’ at one of the changeovers during the Fed-Ferrer match at the WTF, I just burst into laughter.

    Great post! πŸ˜€

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