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Welcome Back, Juan

September 25, 2010

It’s been a long time coming but Juan Martin del Potro has finally announced his return to the tour. The news comes as a relief to fans. After his incredible win at the US Open in 2009, where he took out both Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, del Potro struggled with a wrist injury that saw him lose form through the rest of the year and then struggle at the Australian Open. His wrist injury prevented him from riding the Grand Slam wave and eventually left him without playing a single tournament for eight months.

Del Potro is an alternative for those fans who like aggressive play but aren’t Federer or Nadal supporters. He’s been missed sorely this year, his huge forehand and beautiful two-handed backhand are one of a kind on a tour that has since been dominated by Federer and Nadal. After overcoming nerves when coming up against the top names, del Potro showed his full potential in 2009 causing serious problems for Nadal and eventually Federer. No one will ever know how 2010 would have panned out had he been playing at full fitness but many of us think it would have looked rather different.

Del Potro will take time to regain his confidence in both his game and his wrist. Yet his determination is stronger than ever, especially obvious to anyone who follows him on Twitter (an account he started to personally update his fans on his progress). He was all smiles at Bangkok airport and tweeted on his 22nd birthday how happy he was he was playing again. His fans are too, it’s been too long without the lanky Argentine and I count myself among those relieved he is due to play again next week. No matter the time or the stream quality, I’ll be up watching del Potro in his first match in Bangkok and I’m sure many others will join me.

Welcome back, Juan Martin del Potro.


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