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Exposed: Equality Doesn’t Exist In Tennis

August 6, 2010

A while ago I was struck with inspiration after reading an argument against equal pay in women’s tennis. I researched  a bit, conducted a survey, and came up with what I think is a pretty good article. I decided to offer it to Tennis Now as I was impressed with their e-magazine and wanted a part of it. They were lovely to work with and granted my wish. It has been published on their website and will feature in their post-US Open e-magazine.

Please read my argument and let me know what you think over at Tennis Now:–Equality-Doesn-t-Exist-In-Tennis.aspx

The e-magazine will also feature it and is well worth subscribing too. The first edition had a wonderful Wimbledon wrap up and I was impressed they covered both tours equally, even including two covers with the men’s and women’s champs! The photography in the magazine is beautiful, I have even decorated my wall with a photo of Serena’s decorated nails and John Isner falling to the ground after his epic Wimbledon match.

Tennis Now are also offering the chance to win a $500 tennis shopping spree with the details in the Summer edition of their magazine. It doesn’t cost a thing to enter but the deadline is August 15th. So check out the magazine and enter here at

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