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Wimbledon Fashion 2010: Stunning But Safe

June 25, 2010

Wimbledon often brings out the most crazy fashion which is ironic given the all-white dress code. We have seen everything from waist-coats to tuxedo shorts from a range of male and female players. This year, however, seems to be an exception. Even Roger Federer has held back from anything exceptional, instead sticking to a conservative dress-code. Perhaps the Queen’s visit had that effect on the players. Regardless of the reason, the overall result seems to be that everyone looks rather lovely if not ground-breaking.

Victoria Azarenka isn’t known for her brave or tasteful fashion choices, often chosing to dress in Barbie-doll pink or in a kit that doesn’t distinguish her from other players. Azarenka and Nike have made more of an effort this year and I feel it deserves a mention.

It must be one of Azarenka’s best. The layered look is a common theme this year but the ruffles on the sleeves add some individualism to this dress. Overall the look is tasteful and pretty, if not blow-your-mind stunning. Hopefully Nike keep up the effort with her, she’s one of their best and is on the up after a disappointing clay season.


Daniela Hantuchova is one of the most marketable players. Unfortunately, her game hasn’t quite reached the same heights as her long legs. Still, Daniela has enjoyed some good results of late and I guess that was enough motivation for Adidas to dress her nicely for Wimbledon, in which she lost in the second round. Adidas has been slack on the fashion this year but Hantuchova’s dress is one that non-professionals could still wear without looking like they are trying too hard.

The style at the top is simple but original and the rest of the dress makes for a nice change from all the ruffles and frills of late. Overall, a very solid effort from Adidas and Hantuchova. Of course, the dress is enhanced by Hantuchova’s blessed figure.


Jelena Jankovic is finally hitting her straps in terms of her game and her fashion. Once known for horrendous canary dresses, Jankovic was my personal favourite at Roland Garros and she has come close again here at Wimbledon.

The dress screams class with clean lines and a simple, non-fussy design, a popular look this year. It works for Jankovic, the frills and ruffles are absolutely stunning and basic top-half compliments them. Her hair tie is a gorgeous addition. Jankovic isn’t really known for her, erm, class, (just check out her website but she certainly had been turning over a new leaf of late.


My personal favourite, however, is donned by Maria Sharapova. Sharapova may only just be beginning to return to excellent form but her fashion taste has always been near perfect. This year is no exception, in fact, possibly her best Wimbledon outfit yet.

The jacket, the layers, the modest top-half are all absolutely stunning. She’s finally stepped away from oversized bags and this one looks classic and gorgeous. All up, Sharapova really is wearing the perfect outfit.


Just as you thought I was going to give everyone high marks we move onto someone who hasn’t been enjoying great fashion reviews recently. Venus Williams is responsible for one of my all-time favourites from a few years back at Wimbledon but this time around her Tina Turner inspired number could be one of my least. Of course, it is a massive improvement from her lace and flesh-coloured panties of Roland Garros, but anything would be.

It’s not just the tacky ruffles and lace-like top half, it’s the low-cut as well. I have never thought a short and low-cut dress is a good look and a tennis court doesn’t suddenly change that. It’s tacky at best and skanky at worst. There is, however, one redeeming factor.

The crisscrossed back is absolutely stunning. Perhaps if she threw away the bottom half Venus might be onto something.


Serena Williams is usually the player most likely be best-dressed at Slams. Her game may be in scary-good form at the moment but her dress sense has slipped a little since the Australian Open. Serena’s dress this year is nothing offensive but nothing special either. Like usual, the cut compliments her figure and she wears it well, but it’s just a little boring for the usually cutting-edge Serena.

Even the jacket isn’t particularly exciting. Overall slightly disappointing.


Moving onto the men, Rafael Nadal wears the men’s version of Serena’s Nike kit. Again, Nike are not doing anything special and instead relying on the figure of Nadal to make the outfit look great, (which of course, it does).

The result is an outfit that looks perfectly fine. The shoes, I’m pleased to note, are not colour coordinated with the pink. But that’s about as far as it gets in terms of originality for Nadal this time.


Nadal’s biggest rival, Roger Federer, has also gone with a conservative approach. Federer usually brings out the likes of blazers, waistcoats, long pants, and giant bags around this time every year, but he has decided to give all the glamour and ponce a miss this Wimbledon. I have to admit I’m disappointed with this, it usually brings out the laughs and is a great topic of conversation. However, the result is decidedly more suitable for tennis.

Federer’s tuxedo style top is something different and stylish. The gold trimming seems to be a must for Federer and Wimbledon but as they say, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. The jacket he wears wouldn’t double as dinner attire for once and is tennis cool, although the mesh-style bag is questionable. Overall, a solid choice for the defending champion, even if it won’t spark the interest last year’s did.


The man who wore a track-suit to meet the Queen has made significantly more effort for his on-court outfit. Novak Djokovic has been pulling out brilliant outfits of late and this could be his best yet.

The word that keeps coming to mind when I look at this classic kit of dark green, a collared polo, and well-placed detail, is appropriate. It’s originality is suitable for the world number three, it’s not too busy or competing with itself and all up a very handsome outfit that can only be appreciated when looked at closely. It’s my personal men’s favourite and reminds me a little of Andy Murray’s from last year. Djokovic made an excellent move switching from Adidas and it continues to pay off.


Unfortunately Andy Murray’s switch from Fred Perry to Adidas has not being as successful. He donned a gorgeous outfit last year with Perry but this year’s is utterly boring.

It’s classic Adidas and it could be worn by anyone, from the terrible club player to the bog-standard Jarkko Nieminen. ‘Anyone’ is not Andy Murray, the sole Brit standing and the world number four. It’s disgraceful for Adidas to make such little effort with their top player and this isn’t just a one-off as they didn’t even bother to give him something new for Roland Garros. Hopefully they step up Murray’s clothes for the US Open or he could be looking for a new clothing sponsor, (that is if he cares).


That sums up Wimbledon fashion. The women have outshone the men with beautiful, flattering fashion, whilst the men just lacked a little imagination. Overall an impressive and classy looking Wimbledon but it’s just short of a little spark and good humour.

There is just one woman left to review. She was impeccably dressed for the occasion and rebellious in breaking the all-white dress code. She looks stunning and is, of course, the Queen.


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  1. June 25, 2010 7:46 pm

    Fun piece! I think the queen outdressed them all!

  2. June 25, 2010 7:49 pm

    Novak has had the most interesting looks all season. Sergio Tacchini is doing a great job!

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