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Apparently, Dinara Safina Is Fat.

May 29, 2010

Peter Bodo has called Dinara Safina fat. He suggested that perhaps her latest loss was not so much the result of a long injury lay off and a lack of confidence, but instead due to too many cakes. He said she needs to eat more wisely, get better clothes, and ask her coach whether she looks fat before she goes out onto court. So, has Safina bulked up after her time out? Is she now jumping around court weighing 120 kilograms and stuffing herself with bananas in between points?

Clearly, she’s massive. She’d probably weighs at least ten kilograms more than a supermodel and this is obviously unacceptable. What would Safina’s BMI be? God forbid it is between 20-25, that would be considered a normal weight range, and we all know women should aspire to a weight much below that. Safina shouldn’t worry too much, it’s not just her being picked on. Bodo had a go at her 39-year-old opponent too, saying she was showing signs of the ‘dreaded middle-age spread’. Now I personally thought middle-aged spread was a term people used to explain how the beer and pizza they consume now shows up on their stomach, unlike in the past when their twenty year old bodies magically burned it off with little to no stimulation. However, I have been corrected. Middle aged spread is actually when you hit 40 and don’t look like a twenty year old model anymore.

If looking like Kimiko Date Krumm is all I have no worry about in twenty-ish years time then perhaps I should stop the diet now and just let nature take its course.

Unfortunately it’s not just one chauvinistic male talking down these fit, thin and healthy women. During the Australian Open I heard one radio DJ going on and on about how hot Maria Kirilenko is. There was no mention of her personality or tennis game, but instead he was lauding praise on her figure and looks. I could handle the sexual objectification of Kirilenko up until the point he started talking about how even her pot-belly was sexy. That’s right, Kirilenko, Russian sports star and occasional model. A pot belly.

That woman. A pot-belly. Think that’s just an airbrushed bikini shoot? Think again.

So what hope do we have as women? Even beautiful sports stars get slandered if their weight isn’t that of a pre-pubescent teens. These healthy, fit, gorgeous women are having criticism of their weight heaped on them worldwide. Men need to understand that these are real women. They are not plastic Heidi Montags, they are not airbrushed Playboy models, they are not super-thin supermodels either. They are tennis players. Women like myself look up to these girls as role models to aspire too. This is a fit women’s shape. I can aussure you it’s well below the average weight for a woman, as well. Not all women are not all lucky enough to look like Maria Sharapova, who is obviously blessed with a supermodel-like figure. Looking like Kirilenko is difficult enough for most of us. Perhaps Bodo needs to befriend Anna Wintour and edit Vogue magazine if this is his ignorant opinion on how women should look.

As for Bodo himself, I guess I was expecting a Verdasco-like body when I googled him. Instead, I got this.

No further comment needed.

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  1. Maya permalink
    May 29, 2010 12:15 pm

    What the ffffff? Clearly Dinara’s loss was a fitness issue related to her recovery period. I’m not one for hyperbole, but I saw her in Sydney & she was TINY. I was in awe. He had a go at Kimiko, too? & Kirilenko is attractive in spite of her “pot-belly”? Want to bet this radio DJ wouldn’t even be looked at twice by Maria? What a sense of entitlement. Bozo is a chauvinist & clearly insecure about his ageing, unattractive body & total irrelevance. Fuck off. (RT’ing this, because it’s awesome.)

  2. May 29, 2010 12:35 pm

    I saw her in Melbourne too and could not believe how thin she was! I was shocked!! So so tall and thin. The camera always adds ten pounds. Haha your comment was pretty awesome too, thanks for the RT 🙂

  3. Max permalink
    May 29, 2010 1:36 pm

    Ha, I totally agree! That’s what I always like about those tennis-galas. You see a different kind of woman, the super-fit woman in a pretty (well, not always..) dress instead of those rail-thin super-models. I like how they are so proud of their bodies even though they’re probably too muscular according to Hollywood standards. I would rather have muscles than… being just slim. At least you’ve got some strength left in you (Hello, Lady Gaga!).
    Whenever I’m pursuing a great body, I keep women like Dinara Safina (fat? EXCUSE YOU.) in mind, not those supermodels who are tall and slim and plastic. If I had a body like Dinara Safina’s or Maria Kirilenko’s “potbelly” I would be so proud of myself! Calling them fat is pure bonkers.

    -But, on a side note, look at Andy Roddick. He also had to lose weight and improve his condition according to his new coach and voila he played another (very tiring) Grand Slam finale. Not to condone what Peter Bodo says (I don’t ever read his stuff because of your reactions (; I spare myself unwanted aggravation) because I believe he says shit like this all the time and this wasn’t an one-off thing.

  4. May 30, 2010 12:35 pm

    Bodo’s an ass. A fat ass. Not that long ago, when Federer was going through a slump, Bodo postulated that he should lose some weight. Whatever.

  5. breadstix permalink
    June 1, 2010 3:24 pm

    What preposterous stuff from Bodo. I don’t think I’m the only one out there who would love to be ‘fat’ like Dinara Safina (or a a ‘pot belly’ similar to Kirilenko’s), she’s got the enviable figure of a real woman. Sure she doesn’t have the figure of a supermodel, but unless I’m very much mistaken, most models’ careers don’t involve running around for extended periods of time. Dinara’s tennis may not be at its best right now but fat? Eerr, right.

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