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A Feel-Good Photo Post Before The Bickering Begins

May 22, 2010

Thought I’d take some time out form serious writing pre-Roland Garros to have some fun with some photos I was going through on my hard-drive. Some love and affection shall we say before we start tearing at each other’s throats and fan wars begin? So enjoy the feel-good pics I have collected over the years. Obviously there is a heavy Federer/delPotro bias but I think they are all really sweet and remind us how good sportsmanship is in tennis, (especially the ATP).

Genuine love, but you can still tell who won

Not genuine love. The cringe at the Muzz touch is awesome though *reason 1 delPo needs to get better*

He crossed the net to do this *reason 2 delPo needs to get better*

You actually couldn’t tell who won here if it wern’t for the plate, that’s genuine love

Not so much here

Or here

I’m not really sure what’s happening here except that it’s non-match play so it MUST be genuine love

Genuine… this still rivals Federer/Nadal love *reason 4*

Roger’s laughing at the runner’s up trophy, but their relationship has come leaps and bounds since the “old” days


The most epic diss of all time

This was just an excuse to post a picture of Ernie (Tursunov is so irrelevant)

Isner and Karlovic and him should always play doubles together (Sorry, Sam).

Some WTA because I’m desperate and Kuz is awesome. The sock marks are too.

More epicness from Muzz

You could read so much into this one. Rafa is all like ‘don’t leave me Fed’ and Fed is… being Fed when he loses.

This is so 2001

Arthur Ashe Kid’s day always brings out the best

Ignore the jacket and concentrate on the love.

Finally some genuine WTA love to finish this off…

Hope you all enjoyed 🙂

Now bring on Roland Garros

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  1. breadstix permalink
    May 22, 2010 2:37 pm

    Aawh, thanks for the feel good pics, Kait. Brings back memories, both good and bad hah! Guess that’s tennis for ya…

    SonotreadyforRG… *rocks back and forth*

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