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Ladies And Gentleman, Take Your Sides

May 16, 2010
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It has been a year in the making and tonight it has finally come. Another Federer-Nadal final. In some ways Federer fans must be relieved that this has ensured Nadal claims the number two seed for Roland Garros, (and is therefore on the opposite side of the draw). However Federer fans are also aware that Federer can clinch the all-time weeks at number one record if he wins this tournament. If he loses he still remains number one but the record is not guaranteed. Nadal on the other hand is going for the most Masters shields record, a record he needs to claim here and now considering his recent hard-court form.

Of course, neither of these records really matter that much. When both men walk out on court tonight they will be playing for one simple thing: to the beat the other. Federer and Nadal may get on off-court better than most rivals, but tonight they will be determined to topple the other in the most dominant manner. For Federer, a second straight win over Nadal on clay would put a lot of talk to rest, (perhaps), and possibly tip the odds in favour of him for the French. If Nadal wins we will be right back to 2008 with Nadal looking the more dominant of the two and questions again being raised about Federer’s ability to beat Nadal on clay.

Whatever happens it is bound to be entertaining. They have always brought out the best in each other and we can only hope tonight will be no exception. Brace yourselves, the ride is bound to be bumpy…

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  1. breadstix permalink
    May 16, 2010 11:26 am

    So nervous, but so very strangely excited. It’s always like this for Fedal matches, and the matches themselves always turn out to be quality tennis (most of the times anyway…)

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