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Nadal Fans Can Stop Worrying

April 4, 2010

2009 was rough for Rafael Nadal fans and 2010 hasn’t had the best start. With a retirement at the Australian Open and still lacking a trophy since May 2009, it would be easy to be worried about the state of Nadal’s game. After his loss in the semi-finals to Andy Roddick in Miami, Nadal’s future could still be perceived as grim. Yet Rafael Nadal has actually improved on last year’s result where he lost to del Potro in the quarter finals, and I believe Nadal is back to some of his best form.

Nadal’s forehand is once again something to be feared, in his first set against Roddick he dominated with his forehand, making Roddick look completely helpless. Roddick turned things around by playing more aggressively and attacking Nadal’s second serve, a formula that has been winning against Nadal for some time on hard courts. This isn’t to say fans should be discontent. Nadal has never been dominant on hard courts, in 2008, his best year, he won Indian Wells but still lost the final of Miami to Davydenko. 2007 was an excellent year for Nadal as well, but he lost in Miami in the quarter finals to Djokovic. Nadal’s hard court results have never been excellent and considering his recent injuries, fans should be satisfied with his form.

Nadal’s serve has improved, his forehand is lethal once again, and his backhand is back to one of the best in men’s tennis. His hard court results have been solid and only serve as a warning for the rest of the tour. His mental game will only improve as he continues to win. If Nadal fans are still worried about the state of their charge they need to stop. Rafael Nadal is back.

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