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The Past Week…

February 22, 2010

My laptop is dead for good, so until I save some money and buy a Mac, blogging will be difficult, but it will get done!

Was really disappointing to see Nalbandian come back, play well, and then have to pull out due to injury again. It often happens that one injury with an extended lay off leads to another shortly after, and I hope that for Nalbandian this is the case and nothing a bit more time won’t fix. Nalbandian is many fans’ favourite dark horse, so I’m sure I am not alone in hoping he will be back… soon.

Federer is also struggling and had to withdraw from Dubai with a lung infection. When I first read this I thought it may be a case of Federer’s can’t be botheredness, (did you see his draw?), but reading some quotes it seems semi serious. He hopes to be back for Indian Wells but says there is no guarentee. Obviously I am hoping like crazy he gets better soon.

In better news, both Venus and Masha won tournaments this week. Nice to see Venus playing well and taking out top players such as Azarenka and Peer. Peer played a fantastic tournament in Dubai and I cannot say enough how impressed I was to see her rise above all the controversy surronding her. What a tropper.

In other my-favourites-win news, John Isner and Sam Querrey battled it out today in the Memphis final. Being my fourth and fifth favourites, (yes, I have quite the list), I was obviously very excited. It was a pity I had to work and relied on live scoring, but the live scores seemed to tell it was a good match, Sam prevailing 6-7 7-6 6-3. Congrats to Sam and John. Also a mention of my third favourite, the man I hate to love, Ernests Gulbis. Ernie actually pulled out some impressive wins in Memphis against Stepanek and Berdych. He lost in the semi finals to Sam Querrey. The semis. Ernests. Wow.

Excited about Dubai, despite the lack of Federer or Roddick. Roddick is an interesting case at the moment, and I will write a decent piece on him sometime soon. I didn’t miss the news on Nadal starring in a Shakira video either. Honestly, Rafa, what in God’s name…

For now, back to work.

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  1. February 22, 2010 8:37 am

    It was quite the week. Nice run for Peer, obviously, in Dubai, but also a much needed win for Venus who looked better than ever. Can “V” pull out a second career? Another good run for Isner and Querrey who I actually think could give Roddick a run for his money ranking wise by the end of the year.

    As for Nalbandian. Although it would be great to see him return, this latest injury gives me the feelings his days are done. He’ll try and make a comeback again, but I wouldn’t expect him back in the top 20 again.


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