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Australian Open 2010: FASHION

January 29, 2010

The Australian Open isn’t known for interesting fashion choices. Most players decide to leave their best outfits for later in the year at Wimbledon or the US Open. However, with fashion and tennis nowdays going hand in hand, you can always count on a select few to show off their style. Be it good or just plain wrong.

Roger Federer is usually one to embrace tennis fashion. Known mainly for his Wimbledon suits, he also usually mixes day and night outfits for the Australian and US Opens. I was shocked to see that Federer has not picked two outfits for this year’s Open. After seeing his somewhat bog-standard-Federer day outfit, I was excited to see how he would mix it up at night. Needless to say, the disappointment when he walked on in exactly the same outfit was immense. Let’s hope this isn’t a trend for the rest of the year. I like the fashionable Federer, not this serious tennis player stuff.

5/10 (he still looks good)

Rafael Nadal pushes the fashion borders in many ways. Much like Lady Gaga, you either seem to love or hate his colourful clothes. Unfortuantly, ever since he ditched the singlets and pirate pants, I think Nadal has looked more drag queen than snazzy tennis player. This year could be his worst yet. Not prepared to let his glitter shorts from last year go down as the worst in recent history, Nadal decked out in pink, yellow, and orange. Then, as if chosen by a primary school student, he went one more and clashed the stripey top with checked shorts. I have only one good thing to say about Nadal’s choice; he looks better in it than Bernard Tomic.

2/10 (wake up, Nike)

Novak Djokovic is another player who usually gets it completely wrong when it comes to wardrobe choices. He appeared to be making a smart move when he ditched Adidas, who constantly dressed him in vile clothing. Unfortuantly, this just left Nole to dress himself. Novak switched to Sergio Tacchini and they designed a special outfit just for Novak. The result? A white or black outfit with red flames. This in itself doesn’t sound too bad, until you see the result. The day outfit blends in with every other tennis player in white, whilst the night outfit can be doubled as Japanese silk pyjamas. Perhaps a switch to K-Swiss would have been the better option after all.

4/10 (at least he doesn’t need to get changed for bed)

Andy Murray doesn’t play the most inspiring tennis, make the most inspiring jokes, or have the most inspiring personality. Same goes with his fashion choices. After leaving Fred Perry, Muzzard signed with Adidas. The result? Average to poor. Sure, Fred Perry chose bland colours for Muzz that blent in with his skin tone, namely grey and white, but at least they didn’t mix Murray’s favourite blue with lime green. This is Murray’s day outfit, his night outfit is the same shirt in white and blue. The best part of Murray’s outfit is that he doesn’t seem to understand to wear the night outfit when matches are scheduled to be played at night. Instead, in both the night matches against Nadal and the one against Cilic, Murray started in the day outfit but changed shirts when the sun set. Brilliant.

4/10 (he’s not in grey)

Fernando Verdasco, the ATP’s pretty boy with heavily styled hair, has taken over Djokovic as Adidas’s main man. Admittedly, he wears it better than Nole. With his tanned skin and white cap, Verdasco manages to make the reasonably awful bright green with black stripes shirt look not too bad. The fact that he paired it with white shorts, as opposed to a matching green Nole-style, always helps.

6/10 (still not impressed)

Clearly the men disappointed this year. With Federer deciding to be boring, and everyone else looking like lollipops, it was up to the women to show them how fashion is done. The good news is, they mainly suceeded.

Caroline Wozniacki got much criticism for her puffball Stella McCartney outfit at the US Open. This time around, her game was not as good, but her dress was much better. Wearing a grey that compliments her skin tone and blonde hair, Wozniacki ditched the ruffles and went for a more fitting dress. The pattern on the front is understated and classic, and the dress shows off her marvelous figure nicely.

8/10 (finally, they dress Caro right)

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m not the biggest Ana Ivanovic fan in the world. I also usually detest her taste in outfits. However, this time, Adidas and Ana have gotten in right. Sure, she may still be playing awful tennis, but at least she looks good doing it. Yellow is not an easy colour to pull off, but with a tan like Ana’s, she looks fantastic. The dress flatters her figure, and the black keeps it classy and cool.

10/10 (can’t see this happening again)

Serena Williams has gone from fashion disaster to fashion darling over her career. Her dress for the Australian Open may not be her best, but it still a fantastic choice. Much like Ivanovic, Serena can pull off bright colours that most of us shouldn’t be seen dead in. My only criticism is that orange shorts may have been a better choice, the white ones look too much like granny panties.


Venus Williams has done both good and bad things with her fashion line. This Australian Open is a little bit of a mix. Staying with a yellow which is fast becoming a Venus staple, Venus opts for an original dress that lies halfway between risque and skanky. With brown undergarments, it appears like she is wearing nothing underneath a dress that cuts low and slits high. It is hard not to raise an eyebrow at the daring choice. After much consideration, I have decided that Venus’s dress needed to have either the splits or the low cut top. Not both. Personally, I favour the top half over the bottom half.

6/10 (almost, Vee)

My final review is of a woman who gave us half of the best woman’s match, in my opinion, of the tournament. Victoria Azarenka challenged Serena in both the fashion department and on the tennis court. Unfortuantly for her, she fell slightly short on both occasions. Vika picked an absolutely adorable top and skirt but got a little carried away with accessories. With a hot pink being the theme of the outfit, she didn’t need hot pink shoelaces and a hairtie to match. Instead of looking stylish, Vika looked a little too much like a Barbie doll.

7/10 (massive points for the outfit, the accessories let her down)

That wraps up the Australian Open 2010 fashion review. The men disappointed, the women excelled. For the record, I didn’t like Maria Sharapova’s fishing net anymore than I liked her match against Kirilenko, but she didn’t last long enough for me to review. Hoping the men pick it up for the French Open… having said that, bad fashion choices are almost more interesting than the good ones.

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