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Which Women Need The Australian Open More Than Jankovic Needs A Fashion Consultant?

January 14, 2010

Continuing from yesterday’s post, today I have a stab at the top five women who need to either win or do well at the AO. Again, any discussions and additions are welcome.

5. Ana Ivanovic: I considered putting Ivanovic, ex number one and former Slam champion, higher on this list before it occured to me that she cannot really do any worse than she did in 2009. With early losses through the whole of 09, Ivanovic would benefit greatly from a quarter finals appearance in Melbourne. However, if she crashes out early once again, people may wince, but noone will be shocked.

4. Venus Williams: There is no denying that Venus is going down as an all-time great, and considering her age, it might be considered harsh suggesting that she needs to find her game in Melbourne. However, all it takes is a look at her younger sister to see what Venus could be achieving. She may be older, but she still has talent to burn and should not be accepting anything less than a quarter finals showing. Barring a cruel draw, (think Henin second round), Venus must do well in Australia to remind the tour she is still a force outside of Wimbledon.

3. Elena Dementieva: Much like Davydenko, Dementieva is fast running out of time to win a much coveted Slam. Also like her compatriot, Dementieva has proven on the smaller stage that she has the weapons to beat anyone on her day. Why she hasn’t won a Slam yet has much more to do with her mentality than any other factor. With Clijsters, Henin, and a bunch of up and comers beginning to make their mark, Dementieva needs to grasp this opportunity with both hands and give it all she’s got.

2. Jelena Jankovic: The former number one has alot to prove. Unlike Ivanovic, Jank0vic is hanging on in the top ten and still talking the talk. She also lacks a Major. With players such as Wozniacki and Azarenka seen as the new up and comers to watch, Jankovic needs to prove she still has what it takes to play at the top of the tour. No amount of talking is going to cut it, Jankovic needs the trophy, or at least a finals appearance, badly.

1. Dinara Safina: Nobody from either tour needs a Slam more than Safina. After blowing two Major finals last year, the ex number one is in the middle of a slump. Lacking confidence and badly needing a big win, Safina would more than benefit from the title in Melbourne. A title would give her confidence and redeem her in the eyes of many tennis fans. Without the trophy, Safina will once again leave with immense disappointment and will struggle to be taken seriously come the French Open.

Players who don’t need to worry too much: Serena Williams, Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin

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  1. theslyguy permalink
    January 14, 2010 11:00 pm

    I agree with all your selections. You could even add Kuznetsova to the list. She may have won the French but she still has the tag of being more inconsistent that she should be considering her physical gifts.

    As for JJ and Elena, it’s either this year to win a Slam or forget it. I don’t see either of them having a “second career” like Clijsters, Henin, the Williams or even Mauresmo who blossomed late in her career.

    Ivanovic just needs to get back into the top ten again or she will be a one-slam wonder. I actually see her getting married this year if her tennis continues to falter.

  2. Maya permalink
    January 15, 2010 12:36 pm


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