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Maria Sharapova Vs Gisela Dulko In Chile

December 5, 2009

Taking a quick break from my hiatus to write about the match I saw in Santiago, Chile the other night. Also I sprained my ankle so I cannot really do much.I’m also hungover so this will be crapper than usual!

Maria played an exo against Gisela on the 2nd December in Santiago. I was lucky enough to attend. She looked absolutely beautiful with one of the coolest dresses I have seen her wear. I had never seen Maria live before so I was taken aback by her beauty. Her service action was still her pre injury action, and her serve was good but not fantastic. Her groundies were excellent which is great news for us Masha fans. She won easily, I think the score was 1 and 3.

I was really impressed by the sportsmanship between the two girls. I thought Maria would come off a little cold but sh was really sweet. She got a lucky netcord and yelled out to Gisela,’ that didn’t happen at Wimbledon!’. After that the two girls seemed to relax a little and were applauding each others shots and just putting ona good show. Maria was lovely in her post match interview and spoke how she was happy to have finally made it to Chile.

Def pleased I went, one of the highlights of my trip… typical.

Will actually be back in the action around the 11th of Jan as am coming home a week early. Watched delPo in the WTF in Argentina, was a great experince. Pity he lost the final but congrats to Davy. More on him in 5 weeks time…

For now,


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  1. tennisdeva permalink
    December 19, 2009 12:32 am


    I wanted to go! Why didn’t you take me with you! I thought we were pals, man! And you can’t tell me to get out of bed at 6 in the morning. Time difference much?

    As for Rafa’s AO kit, the shirts and jacket are decent. I don’t mind the colors. The shorts are a different story. It’s not the actual color of the shorts. It’s the fact that their plaid. If they were just the white or brown, I could handle that. But nooo; Rafa just had to go the extra mile.

    I haven’t seen Nando’s kit. I want to be pleasantly surprised with all-day-I-dream-about-sports’ new line. I also hope Toothy McToothykins gets something nice and bright to accentuate that wonderful skin tone of his. 🙂

    • December 19, 2009 11:46 am

      wud u have come all the way 2 chile 2 see masha?? maybe?? awesome. i must be closer 2 ur time than ever before. im in uruguay at the mo. up at 940am this time but noone else is still! i was up at 8am yesterday. not 6!! thats insane! yeah its the shorts once again. what are nike thinkking?? the tops are all very rafa and kinda cooland then they just lump tackines on the shorts. he shud switch 2 adidas. i take that back. if u go2 adidas tennis stuff u can see nando modelling the clothes intead of nole. so i guess nole really has hightailed it. prob took one look at the bright blue and lime green (i think) combo and said fuck u im going 2 k swiss. cannot wait 2 see everyone elses outfits. and review. wahoo. lmao… anything will accentuate muzzs skintone! met a pom last night that works at wimby. i saw a wimby towel hanging over his bed and i was like oooo. hes met roger 4 times and says hes awesome and super nice. said hi 2 rafa a few times 2. says muzz is a dick hahaa. also promosiued me free tickets for 2011 and if hes seriously (adding him on facebook lol) ill so go!!

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