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Bullshit In Basel

November 8, 2009

In a match reminescent of Miami, Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer to take home the title in Basel today. It was absolutely terrible tennis. I started watching, (at 4am on a work day), at the end of the first set where Federer managed to blow a thousand break points, Novak managed to double fault hundreds of times but eventually take the first 6-4… after about 7 previous set points. Federer was slicing his backhand like a man with zero confidence and hitting forehands consistantly into the net. Novak was better but only marginally, his groundstrokes Ok until an important point, and his serve woeful.

Federer somehow won the second set, picking up his play enough to make him look like he belongs in the top 50, whilst Novak let his drop. The third set was a joke, with Federer going down a double break at the start and never recovering. Novak hit some nice returns off pathetic serves… and that is about as bigger compliment as I can give to the entire match.

Federer said after the match, “I thought I missed plenty of opportunities. I’m not looking for excuses. He played tough and he played well when he had to, and saved a ton of break points that were crucial.” The first sentence is bang on, the third incorrect. Novak didn’t play well at all on the big points, Roger was just worse.

What is concerning for Novak fans is the following quote, “I played by far my best match. It came at the right time.” How bad was Nole playing before this match, exactly? Must have been nothing short of awful.

I am really suprised to see Roger play this badly at home. It wasn’t actually anywhere near as bad as Miami, but it was awful. Great that Novak won a trophy but I still don’t hold much hope for him in slams. His nerves turn to jelly under pressure and you can see on his face he is strung up like a piano wire.

In other news, Muzz smashed Youzhny to take home yet another non-slam title.

Bring on Paris already.


Novak Djokovic
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