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Divas In Doha

October 28, 2009

First up, congrats to Lena for taking out a struggling Vee in the first match in three sets. From what I gather, Vee played an outstanding first set and then slid away. When I reviewed Venus, I said her performances this year have been sub par and this just adds to it. Great for Lena, though, who I am hoping can win this thing.

The more hilerious match of the day was Vika crushing JJ in straights. After the match, JJ pulled a Serena and gave Vika absolutely no credit.

“I basically gave her everything. I beat myself,” Jankovic said. “I just was trying to get in the match, get my rhythm. But unfortunately, that never happened. … I was really a shadow of myself.”

Really, JJ, a shadow? Of which ‘self’, because you have been pretty god awful at times this year. Vika replied to JJ’s comment with a snarky,

“I’m glad she gave me the match, and she was not in the mood, it worked out pretty well for me.”

I don’t care what anyone else’s take on it is, mine is that it is a catfight just waiting to happen. I mean come on… clearly that comment was sarcastic. TEAM VIKA.

Oh and Serena beat Kuzy.

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