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Anti Smoking Dickheads Call For Roger To Withdraw From Basel

October 25, 2009

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the luxury brand, Davidoff? Personally, I think of the male cologne, Cool Water, which is possibly the sexiest scent I have had the luck of smelling. It makes the most unattractive man attractive. What I did not know  is that Davidoff also make cigarettes and cigars.

The upcoming ATP 500 tournament in Basel, Switzerland is sponsered by Davidoff. It is also the home tournament of Roger Federer, who started out as a ball boy there a long time ago. He enters this year as defending champion and is obviously a crowd favourite. He frequently calls it one of his favourite tournaments to play, and always holds pizza parties for the ball boys.

This year, more that 500 ‘health experts’ have signed a petition calling for Roger Federer to pull out of the tournament in protest of Davidoff being the main sponser. Tobacco sponsorship is legal in Switzerland as Switzerland is not a member of the European Union. Many health organisations have being in uproar over the sponsorship deal, and Eurosport have cancelled their plans to broadcast the event after French anti-tobacco campaigners threatened legal action if the tournament was broadcast in France. Roger Federer has declined to comment.

I have a few issues to discuss. Firstly, why has this not come to the fore earlier? Davidoff has been sponsoring the tournament for as long as I remember, (that would be a year). Have Davidoff always made cigarettes or is this a new thing? But mainly, is it really that bigger deal? Davidoff make tons of stuff, the tournament is not promoting smoking by having them as a sponsor, they are promoting the brand Davidoff. To me, there is nothing wrong with that. Tennis is obviously a sport that requires a healthy lifestyle and a lack of nicotine intake, any moron knows that. I highly doubt anyone watching this tournament is going to rush off and start smoking because of the sponsor. Why does the EU feel they have to interfere with  Switzerland’s laws? Or, more to the point, Roger Federer’s schedule?

Do they really expect the current world number one to pull out of his home tournament and deny the ball boys and Swiss people their opportunity to watch one of their national heroes? All because of a sponsor that makes cigarettes amongst many other things. How ridiculous. They want to deny the ball boys their pizza party? Do they even realise that it is compulsory Roger Federer plays four 500 tournaments a year and this is one of them? He absolutely loves this tournament and the fans love watching him play it, how selfish can people be?

I personally do not smoke and do not encourage it, but this Nazi attitude to cigarettes is absurd. If there were giant pictures of cigarettes and glamourous 1950s-esque posters of people smoking hanging around the stadium then yes, they would have an argument. As it stands, they are just making utter fools of themselves. As a health care worker and Roger Federer fan, I have no problems with Davidoff sponsoring Basel and I personally would be disappointed if Roger Federer pulled out of his home tournament.

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