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The Year In Review : Svetlana Kuznetsova

October 23, 2009

When I began this ‘year in review’ series, Caroline Wozniacki was on my list. Just weeks ago she was ranked number five. Now she sits at six and Dementieva sits at five, with Venus at four, and Kuznetsova at three. Needless to say it will all change again in the coming week, including Safina returning to her number one spot. It is all a bit rough for Wozniacki, who I would have loved to write a year in review on. However, Kuznetosva has had an equally intriguing year, and to be fair to her, she has managed to do what a lot of people doubted she would ever do again and won another Slam.She fully deserves to be in the top five.

Kuznetsova won her first Slam in 2004 at the US Open. Since then she has had mixed results, nothing worth writing home about but enough to keep her in the top ten, if not top five. With the WTA struggling without the prescence of a solid number one this year, the Slams were up for the taking. Kuznetsova, along with Safina, Jankovic, and Dementieva among others, would have been hoping she would be one of the ones to take advantage of this. Unlike the other three mentioned, Kuznetsova actually stepped up to the plate and in June, won her second Slam at Roland Garros. Kuznetsova beat the number one seed, Dinara Safina, in a lopsided final 6-4 6-2. She also beat Serena Williams in a very close three setter in the quarter finals.

As magnificant as Kuznetsova’s win was for her career and her place in history, the victory seemed somewhat hollow. Clearly upset for her close friend, Safina, there were no celebrations for the ages when she won. Well, not on court anyway. Instead, Kuznetsova accepted the trophy with grace and moved back out of the limelight. For a girl with such an extroverted personality, well liked and often called the funniest woman on tour, Kuznetsova stays well away from most of the media and hype. She deserves more, but I suspect she prefers it this way.

Aside from Roland Garros, Kuznetsova has won another two tournaments this year, most notably the recent Premier Mandatory event in Beijing. How 2010 will play out for Kuznetsova will be interesting. Despite her success at Roland Garros, and her reasonable quarter final result in Australia, Kuznetsova experienced setbacks at Wimbledon and the US Open, with third and forth round showings respectively. She remains one of the big unknowns in the WTA, but this year was a success.

Overall Verdict : Very Good

That concludes my Year in Review series. It has been great fun writing, disappointed I could not get the Svetlana one done sooner but I am still having big computer issues. HP should be getting a spare one to me tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath. Charlotte should be back by the end of the month with any luck. Thanks for reading 🙂

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