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The Year So Far In Review : Elena Dementieva

October 10, 2009

Elena Dementieva has been one of the most successful players in 2009. She currently sits at number four in the world, but reached her career high of three this year. Elena has won one major Premier tournament this year, and has captured three titles overall. She was also the winner of the US Open series.

Dementieva has had less than steller Slam results. She made two semis at the Australian Open and Wimbledon, but had terrible losses to Stouser (third round) and Oudin (second round) at the French and US Opens respectively.

This mix of good and bad basically sums up the career of Dementieva so far. She is absolutely one of the most dangerous players on tour, as she showed when she crushed  Na Li this week in Beijing. However, she has a terrible habit of not taking her opportunities when it matters, shown as she lost the next round to Radwanska. She also lost badly to a slumping Mauresmo in the Paris final earlier this year. Unfortuantly for Dementieva, despite her consistancy in making finals and playing solidly in 2009, it just is not good enough for a player of her calibre.

Dementieva is the best active female player without a Slam. This is so widely agreed on it may as well be stated as fact. When you watch Elena play, it is hard to believe the girl has failed to win one. Then you remember her Wimbledon semi finals against Serena Williams, where she played some of the best tennis of her life and still failed to convert on her match points. She came up short. Unless Dementieva wants to go down as a really decent player that just came up a tad short in the big matches, she better do something about it fast.

2009 could have been her year. With the WTA lacking in a solid  number one, and only Serena Williams playing amazing Slam tennis, Dementieva had a golden opportunity to seal her place in the positive tennis history books. Unfortunantly, she was nothing but a normal Dementieva. A really great player without those really great results.

With Henin, Clijsters, Sharapova, and the Williams girls all back for 2010, it is going to be so much harder for Dementieva to win that coveted slam. Without a slam, Dementieva appears to be nothing out of the ordinary… and that is exactly what she is not.

Overall Verdict : Disappointing, considering

Yes I know this pic isn’t very appropriate considering the review but doesn’t she just look so pretty here?

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