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The Year So Far In Review : Venus Williams

October 6, 2009

Apparently the current state of the WTA is such that you can win one major Premier event, make the final of one Grand Slam, and be ranked three in the world. If you doubt those who claim the WTA is a shambles when they point at Clijsters, Safina, and Ivanovic, and need further evidence, look no further than Venus Williams.

Venus Williams is a great player, I am not denying that. However, her poor Slam results have gone largerly unnoticed by the public due to the collapse of her younger and higher ranked players. We assume Venus is having an Ok year, and ranked at number three, we assume she deserves it. 

It is questionable whether she does. Her Slam results this year read like those of an ATP player ranked between six and fifteen. Noticeable, but nothing spectacular.  She crashed out early in the second round the Australian Open, went one better at Roland Garros, she made the final but failed to win her favourite Grand Slam at Wimbledon, and she couldn’t make it past the forth round at the US Open. Yet she remains the third ranked player in the world. Suprising, to say the least.

One might look hopefully to the rest of the year for some promising results, but much of the same is found. Venus has won two events this year, one of those being a top Premier. She has crashed out of many top events, most recently falling to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in Beijing.

Venus Williams won the end of year final last year, and must be due to drop some mighty points if she fails to defend or reach the final this year. Considering her current form, it is doubtful to say the least. Despite her obvious talent, past success, and current ranking, Venus Williams has had a very trying year. It is a rarely discussed but very sigificant piece of evidence that the WTA is struggling for consistancy.

Venus certainly has the game to make a run throughout the last part of the year, but if her erratic play continues, look for her ranking to drop heavily at the start of 2010.

Of course, she will need someone below her to out perform her first… and that is far from a given.

Overall verdict : Disappointing

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  1. theslyguy permalink
    October 9, 2009 10:07 pm

    The entire WTA tour lacks consistency. I agree that Venus’s perfomance this year, though good, is hardly top 3 status worthy. But since all the other players can’t keep it going week after week, Venus’s status is not a surprise. But I don’t think players fear Venus anymore, except at Wimbledon which if you think about it has been her only bright spot in the last few years.

    • October 9, 2009 10:17 pm

      I completely agree. AlthoughI think Dementieva has had a better year than Vee, but thats a whole different sotry, (one I have to write tonight). It is a shock vee is number 3, but when you think about it, Ivanovic in still in the top twenty and what the hell has she done this year ??!!

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