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The Year So Far In Review : Serena Williams

October 3, 2009

Serena Williams is the one player in the WTA who struggles in Premier events but not the Slams. Serena was considered the favourite for every Slam in 2009, bar one, Roland Garros. However, outside the majors, the number two player in the world struggles to put it together.

It is true Serena prefers to focus on the big ones, much like many other players, but this still does not excuse her alarming record on Premiers this year. For someone whom many, (herself included), consider the ‘true number one’, she has not won a single event this year that was not a Slam. Had she done better throughout the year, there is little doubt Serena would be number one.

Serena Williams has had the most success in Slams out of the WTA in 09. She won both the Australian Open and Wimbledon, playing some of the best tennis of the year both times. She reached the quater finals of Roland Garros, which isn’t a bad result considering her abilities on clay, and lost to eventual champion, Kim Clijsters, in the semis of the US Open. Serena Williams is getting closer to age 30, but she remains the one to beat in the Slams.

It is hard to say Serena’s year has been anything but fantastic considering her Slam results. We all know that they are the ones she wants to win and puts the most effort into. During a Premier event she is probably more likely to be promoting her book or tweeting from her phone, (both go together quite a bit, actually), than on the practise courts. This is disappointing from someone who considers herself the number one, to say the least. Having said that, it is hard to criticise Serena’s approach considering her longitivity on the tour when compared to names such as Hingis, Clijsters, and Henin. The truth is, as long as all she wants is Slams, then her 09 results have been nothing short of fabulous.

Of course, if she wants that number one ranking, she might have to make some adjustments…

Overall Verdict: Excellent, considering.

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