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THAT Is How You Win Your Maiden Slam, Muzza

September 15, 2009

Wow. What a ride.

Federer was completely dominant in the first set and I don’t know how he let it get away from him but he did. Absolutely terrible serving, a double fault in the crucial forth set breaker, and some shanked backhands. Really not his best match at all.


Congrats to del Potro! He was absolutely amazing after he managed to get back into the match. He showed no fear near the end of the forth and fifth sets and he was dominant from then on. He really took it to Roger. He was adorable in the trophy ceremony with all those tears and whatnot. Federer seemed calm and genuinely pleased for Juan. Absolutely adorable embrace at net.

 “I had two dreams: one to win the US Open, the other to be like Roger. One is done.”

Shit, that quote deserves a t-shirt of its own… might have to get onto screenprinting that one.

Really though, such an amazing year in tennis. Federer takes two slams and Juan takes one. YES YES YES.


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