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Fashion : US Open 09

September 12, 2009


The end of the tennis season is starting to draw nearer with the advent of our final grand slam. Lucky for me, this is also my favourite slam. It is the biggest, the loudest, and fashionably, the most outrageous. Just as crowds are willing to dance in the changeovers, players are not afraid to push the boundaries in the clothing department. This year has not been a disapointment, with many hits and misses.

I am reviewing the best of the two outfits most of the top pros will be wearing, the other outfit, no matter how bad, will not be reviewed. At the time of writing, not everyone has played in both their outfits, and therefore I will review only the one I have seen.


Starting with the men, we take a look at the one who is so comfortable in his sexuality, he has not been afraid to pull on pink shirts and sparkly shorts in the past. I am not sure if dodgy knees was an excuse that could also be applied to his past fashion misses, but what ever the case, Rafa has fixed both his knees and his outfit this time around.

It is still something I see fit for a five year old rather than a man in his early twenties, but, despite all this, Rafa pulls off the bright yellow and blue. If you were doubtful for one minute that Rafa is one of the only people who can pull this off, check out local club players and see if they are wearing anything similar. I saw a young guy in his late teens wearing Rafa’s shoes the other day, which are white, black, and yellow. His shoes stood out as the most ridiculous thing in the club. I cannot possibly summise how bad he looked. That Rafa can pull bright colours off, is testament to his stunning skin tone, good looks, and his modest personality. Gael Monfils may also be able to pull off the yellow, but he would look loud and showy in this outfit.

All and all, a very good 8/10 for the always interesting Nadal.
Just thank God you cannot see the criss-cross pattern on the shorts.

Moving on to someone else who likes to push the boundaries with things other people would not be caught dead wearing, Roger Federer seems to have taken more of a low key approach after his controversial Wimbledon looks. At first disapointed with his classic but modest red and black attire, I then saw his night outfit. Does anyone look better than Roger Federer in black on a tennis court? The little splash of red reminds us that this is not 2007. 


This could be the best outfit Roger has ever worn, competing closely with his 07 night look. The only thing that holds it back are the shoes. They appear a tad too glossy and I prefer his classic Nike tick look, ie. Wimbledon 09.


At first it seemed as if the number two seed had improved his fashion from his usual drab grey/white/or black Fred Perry outfits. Andy Murray has gone for a bright blue polo, with tight white shorts. On first inspection, the shorts are absolutely terrible anywhere but on the lawns of Wimbledon, and the shirt is passable. But, look closer. The shirt actually resembles something you could buy from Coin Save. The stripes on the collar look cheap, the colour is possibly the worst blue in the world, (yes, even worse than Novak’s smurf blue), and, worst of all, it is clearly not made for tennis. Throughout his match against Ernests Gulbis, Andy Murray’s sweat was soaking his shirt as if it was made of cotton as opposed to a sports fabric. By the end of the match, Murray was absolutely drenched. Clearly, the shirt is actually an even bigger mistake the shorts. Desgined for the golf course or the cricket pitch perhaps, but certainly not a tennis court.

Just to add, Murray mentioned at Wimbledon that his shorts were shorter than he actually likes. Why Andy Murray is out of control of what he wears baffles me.

Whilst we are on the subject of bad colouring, let’s move onto Novak Djokovic. If you doubted my earlier statement that very few people other than Nadal can pull off shockingly bright colours, check out what Nole has decided to wear this year.


Do I need to say anything more? Yes? As if the colour alone was not bad enough, the inspiration for the pattern on the back was clearly a child with chicken pox. Novak himself doesn’t even look particulary healthy in this awful shirt.


I have to give Novak some credit though, at least he didn’t pick this orange monstrousity.

Mathieu did. In fact, not only did he pick out the most revolting orange shirt that resembled a retarded tiger, he paired it with the worst Dad-shorts he could find. He got knocked out first round. Thank you, Andreev.

1/10 (he put clothes on, hence the one mark)

Juan Martin del Potro has adopted the singlet just as Nadal abandoned it. In truth, he has always worn a singlet but he was never really any good. This year he is dressing all in black, (Roger-esque), with bright yellow accessories, (Nadal-esque). More importantly, del Potro seems to have gained some muscle and is finally starting to fill out those singlets once worn by Nadal himself. Probably the best he has ever looked.


Moving onto the women, we have our usual suspects. Starting with Serena Williams, whom I have to give large credit to. Serena has been dressing extremely well all year. Once known for fashion disasters, she is quickly establishing herself as the best dressed woman on the tour. This US Open has been no exception. Wearing a pink absolutely right for her skintone, and a dress cut fantastically for her figure, Serena leads the women’s top seeds in the fashion stakes


Serena’s sister has not quite had the year Serena has. Venus Williams has had mixed results on court both tennis wise and fasion wise. This US Open Venus has also chosen pink. There is where the comparision stops, for Vee’s dress is nothing short of atrocious. From the sleeves, to the collar, to the revolting stripes running down the middle of it, there is nothing about this dress I like. It takes away any shape she has, the colour looks washed out, and don’t think I missed that awful pattern on the back. What is with patterns on the back this year? Hopefully the designers will learn quickly that it is not a good look.


There has been a huge turn around this US Open, and it has resulted in a very strange result that I would never have predicted. It started with Stella McCartney dumping Maria Kirilenko and picking up Caroline Wozniacki to wear her tennis line. It appeared to be a smart move by Stella initially, with Caroline having consistantly good results, and Maria consistantly bad. However, two strange things have happened. Firstly, Caroline does not look half as good in the clothes as Maria did. Nobody could have picked this. Caroline is also pretty, with blonde hair, and a nice figure. But she just doesn’t look as flash as you would expect her too. Her skin tone looks washed out in the neutral coloured dress. Neutral is possibly the hardest colour to pull off and it astounds me they didn’t realise that this was not the right shade for her. Maria’s darker tan would have looked fantastic, but Caro just looks naked. Then to the actual dress itself, it looks heavy, with too much fabric going on, and Caroline just not looking comfortable. Again, I believe Maria would have pulled off this dress as well as she has everything else. She may not be the better player, but she certainly appears to be a better model.

I would suggest that Stella ask her back, but I have my doubts Maria would accept. Why? Because, in the second of the strange things to have happened, Maria Kirilenko has just upset the number 12 seed to reach the third round on the US Open. She played absolutely brilliantly, and as a result finds herself in the third round of the US Open.

Guess what, she still looks good.

Caroline Wozniacki – 6/10
Maria Kirilenko – 6/10

The more famous Maria, Maria Sharapova, is known for pushing the boundaries with her fashion tastes. This year she has gone for a a dark navy and silver dress, with a splash of brown. The coloring itself works really well on Maria, and as a whole, the dress is both attractive and looks like it belongs on a tennis court, (unlike some her past outfits).

There are two things about this dress that stop Maria getting top marks. The headband is the first. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal both look fantastic in the Nike scarves they tie around their hair. Maria, not so much. We are so used to seeing it on the top male players that it looks too masculine on her, and her visors were both feminine and very Maria like. Secondly, the strip of silver running down her back is a major achilles heel in an otherwise pretty dress. My brother thought it looked like you could see her spine, I couldn’t work out if it appeared to be an extension of the aforementioned offening headband, or or she had toliet paper hanging out the back. Whatever it looks like, it loses her some vital points.


Not to long ago I posted about a dress Jelena Jankovic was wearing that was one of the worst dresses I had ever seen. It was yellow, frilly, and downright hideous. You can imagine my surprise when Jelena walked onto court yesterday in exactly the same dress. No, I was not suprised that she had apparently made the same fashion mistake, and I was not suprised she was wearing the same dress she wore to a Masters either. No, I was shocked beyond belief because this time around, I like the dress. Jelena is now wearing it in red, not in yellow, and it completely changes the whole outfit. This suprises me as much as Soderling did earlier in the year, I don’t know how it happened, all I know is that it has happened, and for that, I must give her credit.


So there we have it, the final fashion statements of the year. Congrats to Serena Williams and Roger Federer for consistantly setting the benchmark with their exquisite taste. I am already hanging out for the Aussie Open 2010.
Thanks for reading, opinions and comments are welcomed!

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